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Features - General

  • Access real-time incident details for any location
  • Real-time access to dispatch information for every incident
  • Access to most recent statuses of active units and vehicles
  • Direct access to relevant procedures and handling guidelines
  • Interactive geographical maps with support for map layers, e.g. fire plugs and building information
  • Direct filing of report using interactive forms
  • Immediate user feedback system for quality control
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Features - Roles

  • Link the app to a unit to receive personalized access to only relevant incidents.
  • Higher ranked users can access all authorized incidents for a complete overview of the current situation.
  • Access can be controlled instantly through the online backend control panel.
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LiveOp is gemaakt om in de meest veeleisende situaties te functioneren

en biedt daarom offline toegang tot alle beschikbare informatie die voorhanden is. LiveOp integreert naadloos met GripPoint-oplossingen en heeft een directe koppeling met GMS. LiveOp kan gebruikt worden met een Apple's iPad 2, iPad derde en vierde generatie, iPad mini en iPad Air.

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Features - Administration

  • Centralized management of connected tablets and units
  • Online management of available procedures and other relevant documents
  • Link documents to incident properties to automatically present them in the right situation during live incidents
  • Overview of submitted user feedback to retain quality control over the app and the processes
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Features - Connected data

  • Direct data connections to the dispatch center
  • Connect to a public or private geographical maps server
  • Optional connections to custom data sources for optimal effectiveness
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